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Fact File

Geographical Area 1.56 (lakh sq. km)
Coast Line 480 kms
Forest Area 58136.23 sq. kms
Normal rainfall 1451 mm
Capital Bhubaneshwar
Population (2011) (fig. in persons) 4,19,47,358
Literacy Rate 73.45
Principal languages Oriya, English

Advantage Orissa

Abundant natural resources

  • Abundant mineral resources
  • Long coastline
  • Rich marine wealth
  • Diverse agriculture & horticulture crops

Proactive Government

  • Effective regulatory framework
  • Transparent private sector investment process
  • Public private partnership in ports,infrastructure and power

Quality manpower

  • World class education facilities
  • Large number of technical manpower
  • Least number of person day lost due to industrial unrest

Robust Infrastucture

  • Quality physical,social and industrial infrastructure
  • Abundant power supply
  • Efficient road,rail,air and marine connectivity

Inspiring governance

The enterprise friendly government plays a major role in Orissa's emergence as a global business destination.A government committed to policy driven governance and reform driven policies,procedures and regulatory frameworks that catalyse business growth.

Economic Infrastructure


Orissa has been the pioneer in power sector reforms which have openedup avenues for private sector participation in generation,transmission and distribution of power.Being a power surplus state,it is able to provide good quality and better availability of power to prospective investors.

The state has a installed capacity of 8583.85 MW during 2006-07.The power generation capacity of the state is more than 5600 MW.There is a proposal to add another 600MW power capacity.

Administrative control of power sector in Orissa is under Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) which is a quasijudisial independent body,ensures transparent regulatory regime in the power sector of the State.The Energy Department has three Public Sector Undertakings:Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited (GRIDCO),Orissa Hydro Power Corporation Limited (OHPC),and Orissa Power Generation Corporation Limited (OPGC) .


Orissa has a road network of around 0.237 million kilometres(including 3,592 kn of National Highway).The state has embarked on an ambitious plan for road connectivity through private sector participation for major projects.Rural roads are also being developed.Private sector participation is being encouraged in the construction of around 3,704 km of national highways in Orissa.


Orissa is well-connected with the national rail network. It has rail lines of 2287 km, including 91 km of narrow gauge. The Orissa railway network is a part of the East Coast Railway, which is the largest carrier of commercial load in both freight as well as passenger traffic in the country.

Orissa is a critical link between eastern and western India through the railway network of South-Eastern and East-Coast Railways. With the commissioning of the Talcher-Sambalpur railway line, a vital link has been established between Coastal and Western Orissa.


Bhubaneshwar,the state capital is well connected to the major maetros in the country with daily flights being operated by public and private airline operators.There are 14 airstrips and 17 helipads operational in the state.The Biju Patnaik airport at Bhubaneshwar handles most of the inbound and outbound traffic.With the growing increase in air travel and operators,the runway is being planned for extension to gear up to handle large bodiedjets.The expansion also includes building a parallel taxi track for the airport and enhancingcargo handling facilities that could handle upto 30 aircrafts per hour.A commercial complex for multiplex,shopping complex,hotel and other commercial establishments under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) near the airport to support 500 passengers at a time is envisaged.Keeping up with the rapid pace of industrialisation taking place in Orissa,it is proposed to construct a new integrated International Airport Complexat Bhubaneshwar by 2010.


Orissa,a principal maritime state,has a coastline of 480 kms.and is endowed with conducive,unique,strategic and natural port locations.Among the 12 major ports in India,one major port namely Paradeep Port is in Orissa.The port is located 210 nautical miles south of Kolkata and 260 nautical miles north of Vishakhapatnam.It offers tremendous opportunities for international trade.

The natural resources and industrial products of this wide spread hinterland are immense and the value of the ore trade of the country passing through the Paradeep Port is considerably higher than many other major ports of India.

Inland Container Depot (ICD)

It has been established at Balasore to provide the intending exporters a terminal facility to complete their documentation formalities and give 'ready to sail' container for export.

Agriculture Export Zone (AEZ)

The Government of Orissa has signed an MoU with the Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (APEDA) for setting up an Agriculture Export Zone (AEZ) for turmeric and ginger in the tribal - dominated Kandhamal and Koraput districts. The AEZ will promote exports of organic ginger and turmeric produced in the contiguous areas of Kandhamal and Koraput.

Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

In the Foreign Trade Policy, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is particularly a delineated duty free enclave to upscale production, augment export and generate employment.

Considering the potential available in the state, Government of India, in principle have already approved for setting up of 13 numbers of sector specific SEZs in Orissa under alumina & aluminium, IT, metallurgical based engineering & ancillary down stream industries, textiles and garments and steel etc. in private sector participation. These SEZs will open a new chapter in the export performance of the state by providing the required atmosphere for attracting national and international investments to Orissa.

Social Infrastructure


Orissa is progressing in the field of education and is getting popular as a hub of engineering, management and medical education in central & eastern India. The state already has large number of highly ranked schools like NIT Rourkela and XIM Bhubaneswar etc. It has 9 Universities, 3 Technical Universities,44 Engineering Colleges,65 MCA,MBA and other Computer Education Centres,6 Medical,266 Polytechnics/Engineering Schools and ITIs/ITCs.

Apart from this new Institutes coming up are IIT Bhubaneswar, NISER, IIT Kharagpur Campus at Bhubaneswar and BIT. Also Vedanta group to establish a world-class technical university with an annual intake of 100,000 students in 95 disciplines.


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