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Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation (APSFC)

Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation (APSFC) is a term lending Institution established in 1956 for promoting small and medium scale industries in Andhra Pradesh under the provisions of the Sate FInancial Corporation' Act,1951.The corporation has many entrepreneur - friendly schemes to provide term loans,working capital term loans,special and seed capital assistance to suit the needs of various categories of entrepreneurs.The Corporation has 45 years of expertise in industrial financing engaged in the business of financing tiny,small and medium scale sector units and thriving for balanced reginal development of the state.

Contact Information

Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation
5-9-194, PB No:165
Chirag Ali Lane,
Hyderabad - 500001.
Tel. Ph No: + 91 40 23201646, 23202550
Mob: + 91 98665 12503 / 502 / 501
Mail: ho at apsfc dot com

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Arunachal Pradesh Industrial Development and Financial Corporation (APIDFC)

Arunachal Pradesh Industrial Development and Financial Corporation (APIDFC) was incorporated in the year 1978 as company under Companies Act, 1956 for promotion of industries in Arunachal Pradesh. It is performing the twin role of State Industrial Development Corporation and State Financial Corporation.


  • Arunachal Pradesh Industrial Development and Financial Corporation (APIDFC) besides providing financial assistance, carries out the following promotional and development activities :

  • Development Of Infrastructure Facilities: One of the main objectives of setting up of APIDFC is to develop Infrastructure facilities for promotion of industrial development in Arunachal Pradesh. APIDFC, however, does not take up the activities due to fact that the Department of Industries is handling all infrastructuredevelopment activities like establishment of industrial estate/growth centre, export promotion industrial park and integrated infrastructure development centres. The State Govt., has been requested to hand over all such activities to APIDFC as being done by such other SIDCs.

  • Industrial Promotion: Despite being rich in natural resources and even offer of invitation for various development programs in the State during the five year plans, the level of economic development in Arunachal Pradesh continues to be very low compared with that of the other states and the country too. The industrial development in the State is poor due to :

    • Lack of basic infrastructure in the form of food, communication, transportation and power.
    • Lack of entrepreneurship and skill among the indigenous population.
    • Absence of marketing infrastructure.
    • Lack of inflow of investible funds from outside the state.

  • Extending Financial Assistance To The Prospective Entrepreneurs: The State government has appointed APIDFC as channelising agency to implement the various schemes of assistance of Arunachal Scheduled Tribes Finance & Development Corporation Ltd., a Govt. of India undertaking a apex financial body, facilitating and promoting the economic development and activities of the state.
Inspite of all the inherent bottlenecks and constraints for industrial development in the State, APIDFC promoted a wide spectrum of projects covering various industrial and service sectors like weaving and knitting, saw mill, plywood manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hotel, transport etc. A study of the resource availability, industrial scenario, climatic conditions and environmental opportunities indicates the following thrust area for industrial development :
    • Agro and horticulture based units
    • Mining and mineral based units
    • Plantation crop based units
    • Cottage industry product unit
    • Adventure tourism

Contact Information

Managing Director
Arunachal Pradesh Industrial Development
& Financial Corporation Ltd., (APIDFC)
Near C Sector Petrol Pump,
Itanagar, District Papumpare,
Arunachal Pradesh, India
Pin No.: 791 111
Telephone No. : (0360) 2212672, 2212751
Fax No. : (0360) 2211786

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Assam Financial Corporation (AFC)

Assam Financial Corporation (AFC) was established under the Central Act, viz., The State Financial Corporations Act, 1951, with the basic objective of promoting and developing small scale and medium scale industries in the State with a special focus on spreading industrial culture in the rural, semi-urban and backward areas of the States. The corporation is owned by the Assam state government jointly with IDBI and is functioning under the administrative control of the state government.

The Chairman and Managing Directors of AFC are senior IAS officers appointed by the state government in consultation with IDBI. The Board of Directors of AFC are highly professional in character and consist of senior executives of the state government, a representative each from RBI, IDBI and SIDBI, besides other interests like Co-operatives, Life Insurance, entrepreneurs are also represented on the Board. AFC employs highly professional and technical personnel to carry on the business operations such as M.B.As., C.As., engineers, marketing experts, etc.

Assam Financial Corporation caters to the requirements of the entrepreneurs .It provides term loan to small and medium scale industries for creation of assets, viz., land, building and machinery. It also provide working capital term loan to the industrial units on competitive terms.

The Corporation also provides Non Fund based services like Merchant Banking, Under-Writing of Public Issues, Project Counselling, Bill Discounting, Leasing and Hire-Purchase. It is operating a number of financial assistance schemes for the benefit of the entrepreneurs such as assistance for marketing activities, equipment finance, special schemes for assistance to ex-servicemen, single window scheme, etc.

Contact Information

Financial Corporation
"Vittiya Bhavan",
Md. Shah Road,
Paltan Bazar,
Guwahati-781 008.
Tel: 0361 2739839/2633658
Email:afc_ho at yahoo dot com, afcghy at gmail dot com

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